Tue, June 25, 2019

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   » Research Affairs

Considering the importance of research activities in sustainable developing of athletic sport, Research Center is responsible to manage and supervise sports research projects of the NOPA in close collaboration with I.R.IRAN National Olympic Committee, other Departments and Research-Scientific Institutes.

Aims and Duties:
1) To develop sports research activities especially in athletic sport
2) To promote research activities in order to improve scientific level of the national athletic sport
3) To collaborate with research and educational Institutes aimed to promote the research activities
4) To enhance the qualification of  athletic sport and national teams` performance
5) To identify the research needs according to the need of athletic sport and national teams
6) To carry out all kinds of  research, basic, applied and developed researches
7) To inform coaches, athletes, sports managers and others involved in sport regarding the research results 
8) To compile research strategies and policies(Short-, mid- and long-term)
9) To attract scholars contribution in scientific researches
10) To evaluate and approve the research topics presented by scholars
11) To establish relations with Sports Federations in order to further recognize necessary research topics
12) To organize sports research congresses



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