Tue, June 25, 2019

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   » Sports Psychology

The Sports Psychology Center as an independent center was founded in 2005. This center aims to incorporate the sports psychology activities and enhance the athletes`performance.

Aims and Duties:
1) To enhance the psychological health among national athletes
2) To promote the coaches knowledge in the field of sports psychology and the inter-relations in sport groups
3) To promote the psychological skills level of the national athletes
4) To improve the athletes ُ performance in exercises and competitions
5) To improve the life style of the national athletes
6) To teach mental skills to coaches and champions
7) To educate qualified and specialist people in the field of sports psychology
8) To promote human relationships in the national teams and sports organizations
9) To provide psychological consultations to champions and national coaches
10) To publish booklets, brochures, bulletins and posters related to sports       psychology
11) To organize scientific and specialized seminars in national and international levels on sports psychology 
12) To participate in specialized international congresses
13) To implement the specialized and applied researches in the field of sports psychology   
14) To provide educational materials related to sports psychology,  including: books, movies, CDs and cassettes


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