Tue, June 25, 2019

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   » Sports Management

This center was established in 2006. The center aimed to promote and apply management knowledge within the sports organizations and target groups.
Aims and Duties:
1) To combine science and operation in the field of sports management of the target groups
2) To provide management methods in the field of employment and improve human resources in Sports Federations and target organizations
3) To improve management knowledge and skills of the NOPA directors and target sports organizations
4) To promote the Sports Management Center to the Educational Center for Sports Management in Middle-East and West Asia
5) To promote the management skills in national teams` organizations
6) To improve service quality in organizations and Sports Federations
7) To assist the realization of NOPA Mission by providing management methods to the sports organizations
8) To improve knowledge level and management skills of target groups
9) To establish an educating system of human resources in different responsibilities and professions
10) To attract sports management`s experts and scholars in national and international levels to discuss and share ideas
11) To organize congresses and courses related to sports management
12) To provide management consultations to the sports organizations and target groups
13) To compile and publish scientific-applied books for directors, coaches and athletes
14) To help for improving planning process and strategic supervision in sports organizations
15) To establish relations and mutual cooperation with national and international sports organizations
16) To establish and promote volunteering  services in national sport
17) To help for improving management structures of  national club directors



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