Wed, July 24, 2019

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   » Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine Center contributes to the development of performance of Iranian athletes and coaches through integration of the highest standards of provision and research in applied Sports Science Sports Medicine. This center also focuses on education in the field of sports medicine and presents clinical and scientific services

• Sports Medicine Clinic  
• Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy
• Specialized Assessment
• Sports Nutrition
• Para Clinic   
• Anti-Doping  

 Aims and Duties:
1) To study, research and implement scientific, applied, educational and research plans aimed to improve and develop Sports Medicine Sciences on national, regional & international levels
2)  To plan and hold appropriate educational courses in the field of Sports Medicine, Sports Nutrition and Sports Rehabilitation for national athletes, coaches, experts and others involved in competitive sports
3) To organize educational courses in the field of specialized medical sciences for national Sports Medicine Family
4) To study and set up software documents and Information Bank
5) To provide facilities and specialized medical care and services for elite athletes and national teams
6) To research about Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy
7) To hold meetings and scientific congress in the field of Sports Medicine Sciences in both national and international levels
8) To develop mutual cooperation with international sports institutions and attend in international societies to achieve international sports medicine positions
9) To cooperate with Physical Education Organization, Sports Federations, Universities and other research or educational centers
10) To compile, translate and publish specialized books and magazines on Sports Medicine
11) To provide consultation in order to evaluate the medical and educational needs of the national athletes and coaches
12) To provide specialized consultation and medical services for the national athletes and organize educational courses, congresses and specialized seminars in this field
13) To provide consultative, clinical, educational and research services in the field of Sports Nutrition for the sports society
14) To establish relation with reputable Para Clinical Centers to utilize their facilities
15) To evaluate the required Para Clinic Centers
16) To study, educate and collect Anti Doping strategies and policies
17) To collect the information and provide the software for medical documents of athletes and annual report of the center


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