Tue, June 25, 2019

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   » Planning Affairs
 About Planning, Supervising and Evaluating Affairs  

This department designs and plans short-, mid- and long-term programs in close collaboration and consultation with the other centers and departments of the NOPA.

 Aims and Duties
1) To set relations  with  National Olympic Committee in order to coordinate planning strategies and exchange planning information 
2) To organize the Planning Board meetings 
3) To organize general planning meetings in the presence of the NOPA directors
4) To set specialized planning meetings for each center
5) To collect and arrange the needs of short-, mid- and long-term programs of each center
6) To provide and arrange the documents of the long-term programs
7) To provide and arrange the documents of the annual programs
8) To collect the information related to perform the approved activities of each center
9) To compile and publish annual program of each center
10) To provide and arrange statistical analyze of the approved program


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