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 About Physical Fitness Assessment and Improvement Center 

Physical Fitness Assessment and Improvement Center was established in 1997 to assess the physical abilities of national athletes who participated in the XIII Asian Games, Bangkok 1998 and XXVII Olympic Games, Sydney 2000.
This center has pivotal role in promoting sport sciences in the country through evaluating athletes’ physical abilities and submitting the classified results to the respective coaches and team managers. This center provides professional sports services for athletes and high level coaches by organizing different courses and workshops as well as performing the research projects and collaborating with the other universities.
- Assessment and evaluating the physical abilities factors
- Sport Physiology Laboratory
- High Level Training
- Laboratory and Strength Training
- Biomechanics and Sports Engineering

Aims and Duties
1) To assess and analyze the tests results of the athletes` physical abilities and provide consultations to coaches and team managers
2) To consult in designing, conducting and controlling the athletes exercises in all sports
3) To provide modern exercises methods for athletes
4) To design and implement laboratory projects in the field of sports sciences
5) To evaluate, correct and provide appropriate movement patterns for athletes  
6) To design, arrange and perform educational and training programs in order to promote the athletes physical abilities and fitness
7) To provide consultation and laboratory services to perform the joint projects with Sports Federations, Universities and the other sports and scientific Institutions
8) To develop national and international coaches knowledge level
9) To design and provide the facilities related to assessment tests and modern exercises
10) To provide national standards of assessment factors in all sports
11) To identify the sports talents in collaboration with the sports Federations and conduct them to the highest athletic sport level
12) To compile, translate and publish related sports articles      



Sport Physiology Laboratory
The experts working in this section accurately measure the athletes` cardiac, respiratory and biochemical conditions by available equipped systems.  Furthermore this section also holds professional workshops and collaborates with national Universities to supervise the thesis and research projects. 

High Level Training
Among upgrading the equipments, this section plans and implements the advanced exercises for each category in order to promoting the elite athletes’ physical fitness.
This section tries to conduct the athletes to professional exercises in order to reach their pick of   physical fitness.
Laboratory and Physical Abilities Training:
Laboratory and Physical Abilities Training provide the athletes with the best training programs through the evaluation of their abilities conditions. 

Strength Section
This section provides the related services and consultations to the athletes and coaches. Moreover directors of this section assess the athletes’ strength and lead them in their strength exercises.
There is a Strength Exercises Hall with modern equipment which prepares the facilities for the athletes and coaches. Considering assessment of athletes?� physical fitness, the directors provide them with suitable training program through the different courses.

Sports Biomechanics and Engineering:
This section evaluates, corrects and prepares the examples of movement by biomechanics equipments.
The most important program which is followed by the experts of section is to establish Sport Engineering and to lead the experts to use the objects of sports technology.
In this direction the Sports Biomechanics and Engineering is going to collaborate with national and international universities.

Anthropometry Section is responsible for evaluating and classifying the athletes′ anthropometric details and providing consultations to coaches and athletes in order to reach to good body with compounds conditions.



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