Wed, July 24, 2019

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   » Educational affairs

This center has the responsibility of promoting ethical values, fundamental principles of Olympism and educating the youth in accordance with the Olympic charter.
• Olympic Education in schools and universities
• Administration Education

Aims and Duties:
1) To promote the principles and goals of the Olympic Movement and familiarize the society with the goals and ideals of the Olympic Games
2) To plan and organize educational courses to further familiarize sponsors and others involved in sport
3)  To organize required sessions and meetings to present research articles on the topics discussed in the International Olympic Academy and other International forums to devise and apply the regulations and criteria according to which representatives are selected and sent to such international events
4) To organize Olympic solidarity technical courses and other scientific and refresher courses for coaches and experts in national and international levels
5) To organize coaching courses for the neighboring NOCs and Islamic countries
6) To dispatch coaches and experts to other countries to cooperate in the field of   sport sciences
7) To promote the coaches, athletes and sports managers knowledge
8) To promote relations with the International Olympic Academy, International Olympic Committee, Olympic Museum and Studies Center, other National or Continental Olympic Academies, the Islamic Solidarity Sports Federation and respective International Commissions
9) To plan, design and hold sports seminars and congresses especially on the topics related to Olympic and Paralympic Movement
10) To publish educational books on the topics of Olympic and Paralympic especially the biographies of sport champions, prominent coaches and those who have devoted their lives to sports



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