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The 2nd International Congress for Applied Sport Psychology
The congress aimed to psychologically prepare the athletes to compete in national and international events.

The 2nd International Congress for Applied Sport Psychology was taken place from 2 to 3 Feb. 2009 in NOPA. The congress secretariat received 100 abstracts, they were evaluated by Evaluation committee and they have finally selected 22 abstracts to be presented and demonstrated as poster during the congress. Most of these papers are related to methods of stress management in the Major events, Psychological service Provision for Beijing Olympic Games, Mental Health, Lifestyle, the effects of a Cognitive Behavioral Techniques in each sports and … .

Alongside the conference there is a 2 days workshop. 

International Affairs Thursday, February 05, 2009
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 نظرات کاربران 
Inquire 2009/03/09

I wasn"t able to assist to the congress and was wondering if there is any chance to browse through the selected 22 abstracts. Im researching about sport psychology and could be very usefull.

Thanks Krlos Rangel Juarz


Reply  ______

Thanks for your comment. You can access to the abstract file through blow link.


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