Wed, July 24, 2019

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The Museum and Studies Center aimed to preserve, spread and enhance research, educational and publication activities in the field of sport and Olympic Movement.
This purpose is achieved primarily through research into the history of the Olympic Movement and the Olympic Games, through the gathering of historical and statistical data concerning the Olympic Movement and Olympic Games, through the publication of the research via journals and other publications, and through the cooperation of the membership.

• Cultural Studies
• Museum
Aims and Duties:
1) To study the history of traditional and Olympic sports in order to improve sports and historical  researches
2) To identify the background, documents, process and the effective historical relations in Iranian sports activities
3) To identify the methods of physical activities and their aspects in different historical periods
4) To consider the cultural need of society to further recognize the history, culture, art, sport and Olympic Movement  
5) To plan for developing the cultural, historical, artistic, research, publication activities  
6) To study sport as a national and social phenomenon  
7) To spread Olympic Movement and national- sports identity
8)  To support from the importance of sport and its development in future
9) To establish relations with research institutes related to the Olympic History and native sports history  
10) To provide the appropriate opportunities to exchange the ideas with the other cultural and artistic institutes in national and international level
11) To organize the workshops, educational courses related to sport, history, culture, art and Olympism
12) To plan long-term and short-term cultural and sports  programs   
13) To promote the sports museum of national Olympic and Paralympic Academy
14) To collect sports works and symbols for Museum
15) To compile and publish the books of the seminars and contests organized by this center


طراحی سایت و پورتال، خدمات هاست (هاستینگ) و سرور اختصاصی - رادکام