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The library and Information services center was established through integration of the libraries of the NOC and the NOPA in October 2004. This center with an area of 225 square meters currently possesses 36000 records and the richest collection in the field of Sport Sciences, Physical Education, Olympic and Paralympic Sports.
This center utilize Parsazarakhsh software program to facilitate in saving the information and clients access.

• Publications
• Reference books
• Internet
• Xerox services

Aims and Duties
1) Indexing and classification of sources including books, reports and documents, Persian and English electronic resources according to international standards
2) To plan on the selection, collection and preparation of documents required by researchers and athletes through establishing links with the relevant publishers and information centers
3) To establish direct connection with clients and provide the services
4) To provide services for all clients such as sound tapes, educational CD-ROMs, videotapes, scientific and educational slides
5) To provide the magazines and books in study space
6) To sell books, video tapes, CD-ROMs, etc. on sport and physical education
7) To present services to enquirers through information banks and stations
8) To provide information to enquirers through publishing summarized texts of Persian, Translating and publishing summarized English articles
9)  To Provide search services in Parsazarakhsh information stations under the extensive program of the library

Library collection
The library and Information services center collection is composed of the Persian and English books which some of them are considered as the rare copies in the field of sport and physical education:
• To access free to the national sports electronic Library at the NOPA website with search and download ability
• A complete collection of Olympic and Asian Games including the results and reports
• Complete archive of Kayhanvarzeshi and Donyaievarzeshi magazines
• A collection of Scientific and Latin journals in the field of Sports Sciences
• Collection of Tehran Asian Games including  pin, poster, statistical information and newspapers



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